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The Holyoke Chamber of Commerce was incorporated October 15, 1953. 

Mission Statement 

The Chamber is organized for the purpose of developing, advancing, promoting and encouraging the commercial, agricultural, industrial, civic, cultural and general interest of the City of Holyoke, Colorado and its trade area in Northeastern Colorado.

Watch us grow!

Representing over 125 businesses in the community, Holyoke Chamber continues to grow. We welcome the Aurora Cooperative ElevatorBlisties Inc., Grace Management Services, Inc./AKY TECH USA LLC, Koch Chiropractic Clinic, Tremendous Laser Tag (Kimberly Aertle-Clark), and Air Med Care Network to our membership. Thank you to these fine businesses, organizations & individuals and to all of our loyal members for your continued support. Call 854-3517 today to see about joining.  Holyoke Chamber of Commerce invites you to take a Historic Walking Tour of Holyoke and don't forget to check us out and like us on Facebook!
Our membership list is available in two formats, by Category and Alphabetical